Comex Water Pumps

Contractor pumps

SUPERSAND N: Submersible pumps for dirty and sandy water. These pumps have been proved to be suitable in civil engineering: digging out works, dewatering of tunnels, draining-off flooded basements, etc.


Submersible pumps, based on the vortex principle, suitable for the pumping of sewage water with solid parts. Particularly recommended for domestic waste water plants, for industrial water treatment and for a lot of uses in the agriculture and in the zootechnic fields.


Submersible pumps for sewage water

Submersible pumps suitable for the pumping of sewage effluents containing solid or fibrous parts in industrial, agricultural and domestic waste water plants.


Submersible pumps AISI 304

DRAIN SS 304 are submersible pumps with multichannel impeller suitable to remove clean water or slightly sandy water. Motor case, pump body and impeller in stainless steel AISI 304.


Corrosion resistant submersible pumps

These pumps are particularly recommended for aggressive sewage effluents, for acid and alkaline solutions in the pharmaceutical, chemical, galvanic, textile, tanning, metal processing and food industries.


Pump for drainage up to 2mm

Submersible pump suitable for the drainage of clean water. With the float-switch placed in “ON” position, the particular suction system permits to suck water up to only 2 millimetres from the ground level. That makes this model ideal for the drainage of flooded rooms without a pit.


Submerged pumps for domestic use

Submerged pumps for domestic use suitable to pump clean water. Motor shaft in stainless steel AISI 420. Double mechanical seal in oil chamber


Submerged pumps 4

Submerged pumps suitable to pump clean water from deep wells and tanks for domestic, commercial and
industrial use, as well as for irrigation and sprinkling systems.