Mehler PVC Fabrics

Mehler Texnologies – is one of the internationally leading companies on the market for coated fabrics. We produce and distribute annually more than 50 million m² materials under the brand names VALMEX®, POLYMAR® and AIRTEX®. Our customers are found in processing industries.More than 60 years of development and production experience are the basis for our mature products. Continued research and development improve existing compound materials and open new application areas. Our machines are always state-of-the-art and therefore provide a stable quality for all our products. Intense dialogues with planners, manufactures and processors in different market segments and industry branches prove our close and
trusting cooperation with our customers.


The basis of all technical textiles is carrier fabrics, which are manufactured in company owned weaving mills. The coatings will be composed from several components depending on the application. The result is high-quality fabrics and high-tech products, which are used in almost all segments worldwide.We have two production locations in Germany distribution partners in more than 80 countries.



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