Toptec is an engineering service and trading company with operational base in Qatar. We specialized in ground water control. Toptec also has well established trading division that deals with power solutions, dewatering pumps and PVC Fabric material. We provide power equipment and rental services. With our ample source of skilled labor force as well as our expertise and network of satisfied customers, we were able to provide confidence, assurance, validation and compliance in every project. We ensure you more efficiency and better productivity.




Toptec vision is to be preferred business partner and leading quality management that provides services and materials for construction, manufacturing and plant maintenance industry.



Our mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations in our services, offering the best quality, best people and cost effective service; thereby seeking market leadership.




INTEGRITY, TRUST & QUALITY, we are committed with these Three Words, which governs our approach in everything we do. These values will reflect in our interaction with people & decision making and will be assurance as associated.


MD Message


TOPTEC is one of the leading Dewatering and Trading Company here in the State of Qatar. That is because we have committed ourselves to a shared set of values that are binding on all employees. Everything we do is based on our corporate values: Integrity, Trust and Quality with these values it will enable us to create a trustful environment in which you will meet not just your need but your high recommendation.


This company will still move forward formore greater years as we really invest a lot in research and development to provide more customer satisfaction and high value services. Because we believe a business will not be successful if it is only committed to profit. Good relationship and strong values will make our business successful.


The experience that comes with practice, in combination with the theory that comes with science, it becomes necessary when you offer to the client the service or product that he wishes in the solution concern to his specific or particular problem. The best positioning, it will come from the hand of the best after sales support. TOPTEC supports the new ideas that can make difference at long terms.Giving chance for R&D division to develop the new solutions and adding value for reducing cost for the services will be an advantage, using new method of staff management will effect positively on staff performance, team work program, share knowledge program, technical training, and continues skill improvement all of this methods will build up strong technical team who can deal professionally with future requirements.